Metis Analytics -
AI-Powered Threat Management

Powering Missions that Matter

Enabling threat analysts and risk managers to leverage the power of AI Agents and geospatial workflow tools for threat detection, prediction and mitigation.

Secure, Customizable Workspaces

Inspired by the intuitive functionality of platforms like Slack, Metis OS allows users to create specialized workspaces. These environments are tailored for seamless collaboration, enabling teams to share insights and data effortlessly.

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Tailored Threat Intelligence Workspaces Across Sectors

To cater to the diverse needs of intelligence operations, Metis OS offers various workspace types, including:

Crime Intelligence Sharing

A dedicated space for pooling resources and insights on criminal activities, enhancing collective investigative efforts.

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Global Threats

Perfect for teams tracking and analyzing international security threats, providing a global perspective on emerging dangers.

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Geospatial Analysis

An advanced platform for spatial data examination, supporting strategic decision-making with location-based intelligence.

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